Yanzihe Grand Canyon, a celebrated national geopark
Date:2021-07-26 11:02 source:Lu'an Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau visits:

Yanzihe Grand Canyon is a national 4A-rated tourist attraction in Yanzihe Town, Jinzhai County of Lu'an City. It is also a national geopark and a national water conservancy scenic area. The canyon, 1,700 meters long and 200 meters deep, is famous for its steep precipices, extraordinary rocks, deep valleys and limpid waters. Along the 2,000-meter long footpath, tourists can find a karst tiankeng, the Xianren (immortals) Cave, waterfalls, peculiar rocks, various vein patterns on rocks, and grottoes. In addition, there is a longevity willow over 1,000 years old, the oldest one of this kind in China. People call its "the willow listening to people's wishes".