Nanyueshan, a magnificent mountain with elegant and mysterious scenery
Date:2021-07-26 11:01 source:Lu'an Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau visits:

Nanyueshan is a national 4A-rated tourist attraction located in Hengshan Town, Huoshan County of Lu'an City. This mountainous area is also one of the first recognized scenic areas and forest parks in Anhui, covering 10 square kilometers, with such natural scenic areas and historical sites as Mt. Nanyue, Anhui Center Memorial Park of the Red Region, Huoshan Confucian Temple, Dabieshan Green Mall, and Wenfeng Park included. Mt. Nanyue was also known as Mt. Tianzhu, Mt. Hengshan and Mt. Huoshan in ancient times. The name of Nanyue comes from the title conferred by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty when he ascended the mountain in 106 B.C. Ever since then, the mountain has become famous far and near.