Lu'an Issues Anhui Province's First Oil-Tea Camellia Weather Index Insurance
Date:2024-05-27 10:10 source:Office of Lu'an Municipal People's Government visits:

Recently, Guoyuan Insurance issued the province's first oil-tea camellia weather index insurance, providing 200,000 yuan in risk coverage for 200 acres of oil tea camellia in Hengtanggang Township, Jin'an District, Lu'an.

Grasp the "basic points" of the main body's interests. Uphold the pro-agriculture characteristics of policy-oriented insurance, increase fiscal subsidies, and ensure that forestry operators and other management entities feel at ease in afforestation and forest protection. In 2023, the city's insurance coverage for characteristic forestry such as "oil-tea camellia" and "flowers and seedlings" reached 628,400 acres, with a total premium of 67.09 million yuan. Among them, municipal and county fiscal subsidies amounted to 50.25 million yuan, with forestry operators only bearing 20% of the premium.

Ensuring the “focus points” of industry development. Based on the characteristics of the forestry industry and aiming to minimize the impact of pests, diseases, natural disasters, and other factors on industry development, we have collaborated with Guoyuan Insurance Company to launch insurance products for oil-tea camellia, flower and seedling, characteristic fruit forests, and under-canopy planting. In 2023, the city's insurance for characteristic forestry resulted in 1,476 disaster claims, with a payout of 46.5934 million yuan.

Optimizing the “connection points” of service coordination. We will incorporate the promotion of oil-tea camellia weather index and other insurances into the evaluation scope of the forest chief system, enhance the grassroots policy insurance service system, vigorously carry out insurance publicity, and jointly issue the "Notice on Accelerating the Pilot Work of the ‘Agricultural Insurance + Package Financial Products’ Action Plan," specifying the specific promotion of the "Agricultural Insurance +" pilot work in four aspects: "strengthening collaborative linkage," "targeted precision measures," "increasing publicity and guidance," and "strengthening tracking and supervision.