Lu’an Strengthens Enterprise Talent Pool through Multiple Measures
Date:2024-05-18 09:45 source:Office of Lu'an Municipal People's Government visits:

In recent years, our city has strengthened talent supply through intensive training, talent attraction, and cooperation promotion, promoting the integration of production and education. This has led to the resonance between talent aggregation and industrial development, driving the high-quality development of the city's industrial economy.

We have implemented classified training for entrepreneurs, strengthening the construction of talent teams. Focusing on the urgent needs and practical requirements of enterprises, based on leading industrial chains, we select trainees from various chains. Through “expert lectures + visits to industry benchmarks,” we aim to enhance the management capabilities of enterprise managers. In 2023, a total of 42 training sessions were held, with 3,600 entrepreneurs and corporate executives trained.

Implementing assistance in enterprise recruitment and talent attraction, effectively addressing enterprise needs. Establishing a dynamic management ledger for enterprise employment needs, enhancing inter-departmental coordination. In 2023, the municipal-level industry and information departments surveyed a total of 545 key enterprises, identifying a shortage of 17,553 workers, with this information forwarded to the labor and social security departments. Collaborating with the labor and social security departments, 513 key enterprises received 17,809 workers, addressing the talent needs of 34 key enterprises.

Implementing the “Bridge Building” project to promote school-enterprise integration. Leveraging the advantages of both enterprises and colleges, extensive cooperation between schools and enterprises has been initiated, resulting in the establishment of 32 collaborative projects between enterprises and key universities such as West Anhui University and Hefei University of Technology. As of now, among the 1,402 above-scale industrial enterprises in the city, 186 have engaged in a total of 333 cooperation projects with various universities and research institutes.