Our City's 'Three Crackdowns' Campaign Protects the Legitimate Rights and Interests of the People and Enterprises
Date:2024-04-23 09:53 source:Office of Lu'an Municipal People's Government visits:

Our city has successively organized and launched special operations such as “Kunlun,” “Wanjian,” and “Jianwang,” handling 54 cases involving infringement of intellectual property rights and the manufacture and sale of counterfeit and shoddy goods, transferring 94 individuals for prosecution, involving a total amount of over 90 million yuan. Additionally, we successfully cracked one case under the joint supervision of ministerial-level departments.

Crack down on counterfeit alcohol crimes. Our efforts to crack down on counterfeit alcohol crimes involve strengthening coordination with legal affairs departments of liquor companies and anti-counterfeiting offices. We collaborate closely with market supervision and other departments, focusing on the infringement of counterfeit registered trademarks. Through in-depth analysis and judgment via case studies, we successfully broke the counterfeit registered trademark goods case in Jinzhai County's "12.13" operation, seizing over 4,000 bottles of a certain brand of liquor worth more than 600,000 yuan.

Crack down on counterfeit cigarette crimes. We are rigorously cracking down on illegal activities related to counterfeit cigarettes, collaborating closely with relevant law enforcement agencies and conducting precise analysis and judgment. We successfully cracked the case of producing and selling counterfeit products (e-cigarettes) on February 24, 2023, which was under the supervision of a ministerial-level department. We arrested 27 suspects involved in the crime, destroyed 18 storage dens, and seized over 100,000 e-cigarettes and more than 80 million yuan in funds related to the case on the spot.

Crack down on crimes related to game cheating software. We are intensifying investigations into key cases involving infringement of software copyright. Successfully, we have cracked the "Li and others' infringement of copyright in Jin'an District" case, dismantling two criminal groups involved in the production and sale of game cheating software. We have arrested 12 suspects and seized 12 mobile phones and 5 desktop computers used in the crime scene, involving an amount of over 5 million yuan.