Three Measures to Elevate Market Renovation towards Civilized Markets in Our City
Date:2024-03-20 09:21 source:Office of Lu'an Municipal People's Government visits:

In 2023, our city continued to civilizing market, renovating and upgrading a total of 77 markets, including 21 in urban areas and 56 in townships. We successfully applied for provincial-level civilized vegetable market award subsidies, receiving a total of 1.126 million yuan.

"We focus on typical cases." We combined the renovation and upgrading of civilized markets with the construction of county-level commercial systems, resulting in the typical case of "Shucheng County's 'Three Clear and Two In Place' Transformation and Upgrading of Township Markets," which was successfully selected for the 5th issue of the Ministry of Commerce's "Business Review." We recommended more than 20 typical cases of market renovation and upgrading, including Huoshan County's Bao'an Smart Market and Yixiu District's Shizigang Township Market, which were reported in provincial-level media such as Anhui News Network and Anhui Livelihood Engineering Network.

"We focus on Normalcy" - Conduct regular on-site supervision of markets in each county and district every month, focusing on addressing issues related to "darkness, foul odors, dampness, and disorderliness." Promptly remind market operators of any identified issues, ensuring local and primary responsibilities are fulfilled, and effectively advancing the concentrated renovation and upgrading of markets.

"We focus on Publicity" - Intensify efforts to enhance public awareness and satisfaction with policies. Produce over 200 posters promoting the "Warm Heart Initiative for Civilized Markets," widely displayed in markets, supermarkets, and other densely populated areas throughout the city. Disseminate over 80,000 promotional text messages to residents citywide and publish more than 50 special reports in national, provincial, and municipal media outlets.