Our City Implements Multiple Measures to Solidly Promote the Renovation of Old Residential Communities
Date:2024-03-01 15:11 source:Office of Lu'an Municipal People's Government visits:

In 2023, the city completed the renovation of 55 old communities, benefiting 6,544 households. The renovation covered a total building area of 859,500 square meters. Central government subsidies amounted to 97.77 million yuan, while provincial subsidies reached 6.28 million yuan. The total investment amounted to 286.1984 million yuan, achieving a completion rate of 110%.

Comprehensive infrastructure upgrades were implemented, including the renovation of water supply pipelines (20,675 meters), drainage pipelines (37,182 meters), power supply networks (33,365 meters), and natural gas pipelines (3,055 meters). Additionally, roads spanning 61,761.41 meters were renovated, illegal constructions totaling 3,756 square meters were demolished, and 14 new cultural, recreational, and sports facilities, as well as public green spaces totaling 4,139 square meters, were added. Energy-saving renovations covered an area of 45,604 square meters.

Efforts were focused on addressing overhead wiring issues. Collaborating with street offices, construction management departments, and firefighting and rescue teams, comprehensive actions were taken to rectify overhead wiring in old communities. Following the principle of "burying wherever possible, regularizing where necessary, and enclosing where applicable," efforts were made to purify the building environment. Special inspections were conducted with telecommunication companies contributing 400,000 yuan to promote standardized underground cabling.

An effective management mechanism was fully implemented, emphasizing the leadership of grassroots party organizations and enhancing maintenance efforts. Property management was implemented in all 55 old communities, with 23 party branches established and 19 neighborhood owners' committees formed. These measures were aimed at ensuring that the maintenance and updates of renovated old communities entered a virtuous cycle.