The 2023 International Down Exhibition Was A Great Success
Date:2023-12-29 09:21 source:Office of Lu'an Municipal People's Government visits:

Held from December 10th to 12th in our city, the exhibition brought together a large number of down industry manufacturers, distributors, and brands from both domestic and international markets to showcase the latest products and engage in cooperative discussions.

According to statistics, the exhibition this year secured 6 investment projects with a total investment of 1.47 billion yuan. On-site sales amounted to 3.42 million yuan. Additionally, external transactions were notable, with Liuqiao-based enterprises in Lu’an completing nearly tens of millions of yuan in transactions. Aoankang Industry and Trade reached a sales contract of 200,000 USD with Taiwanese merchants. Anhui Yulong Down Co., Ltd. also concluded a long-term sales agreement with Russian merchants and initiated discussions with Russian partners on the project to establish a sales company in Russia. Moreover, enterprises like Baoxiang Down and Saihua Down achieved transaction volumes in the hundreds of thousands to millions of yuan.

Lu’an, renowned as the "White Goose Kingdom" and the hometown of down, is a well-known source of high-quality down products both domestically and internationally. Presently, the city has over a thousand down and product companies, with an annual total output value exceeding ten billion yuan and direct exports surpassing 100 million USD. In recent years, the city has converted its resource advantages into development advantages, continuously expanding the industry scale, extending the industry chain, and striving to enhance the influence, reputation, and market competitiveness of the down industry. The International Down Exhibition, held since 2010, has become an essential platform for promoting exchanges and cooperation between Lu’an and the international community. This year's exhibition showcased Lu’an's new image, enhanced the visibility and reputation of our city's down industry, provided a platform for enterprises to engage in exchanges and cooperation, and achieved complete success.