Lu’an’s Proactive Safety Measures Yield Promising Results
Date:2023-12-08 10:04 source:Office of Lu'an Municipal People's Government visits:

Using methods such as “thorough checks, spot checks, undercover checks, and mutual checks,” Lu’an has tightened responsibilities and improved its ranking by 13 positions in the third quarter evaluation, achieving the first place in the entire province, compared to the second quarter.

Conducting comprehensive inspections and rectifications. The 2023 Special Action for In-Depth Investigation and Rectification of Major Accident Hazards is being promoted to comprehensively identify and dynamically monitor the foundations of major accident hazards. As of now, a total of 452 major accident hazards have been investigated, with 362 successfully rectified. Additionally, 20,272 business entities have been subject to random inspections, resulting in 1,830 instances of administrative penalties.

Regular covert inspections to ensure responsibility implementation. The director and deputy directors of the Municipal Safety Commission Office regularly conduct covert inspections and visits to high-risk enterprises in various counties and districts, aiming to identify problems and hidden risks, thereby driving the implementation of regulatory responsibilities. As of now, there have been 62 covert inspections resulting in the handling of 282 problem areas and hidden risks.

Inter-stage mutual inspections to enhance quality. A county-level mutual inspection and quality improvement action on accident hazards has been initiated. Through randomized grouping and cross-inspections, a “physical examination” of the city's special actions is conducted, fostering a situation of mutual advancement. As of now, a total of 321 hazards have been discovered through mutual inspections.

Focused inspections for ensuring stability. Leading and coordinating, a working guidance group has been established, comprised of key departments including public security, housing, transportation, emergency response, and fire safety. This group conducts one-on-one guidance inspections for counties and districts where the safety production situation is unstable or where progress in the 2023 Special Action for the Investigation and Rectification of Major Accident Hazards is lagging behind. The aim is to urge them to further elevate their positions, strengthen risk awareness and crisis awareness, and effectively implement risk prevention measures.