Lu’an Takes Multiple Measures to Promote the Stability and Improvement of the Medical Insurance Participation Rate
Date:2023-12-01 10:04 source:Office of Lu'an Municipal People's Government visits:

As of now, the number of urban and rural residents covered by medical insurance in Lu’an has reached 2.45 million people, exceeding 50% of the annual target.

Gathering data. Through interdepartmental data sharing and comparison, using household registration as the basis, comparisons are made to identify five categories of individuals, including those with empty registrations, those whose deaths haven't been removed from the registration, those serving sentences, those joining the military, and those who have married abroad. This process helps ascertain the base number of eligible insurance participants. It also verifies each dynamically adjusted group, such as the extremely impoverished, recipients of low-income support, and the monitored population, ensuring accurate and transparent data.

Promotion and guidance. A total of 36 online “Voice of Medical Insurance” promotional videos have been produced, and medical insurance policies are actively disseminated to businesses and the public through the medical insurance portal website, social media platforms, and other channels in a timely manner. More than 700,000 copies of medical insurance policy brochures, leaflets, and promotional materials have been distributed offline, along with over 20,000 copies of the “Pocket Book” on medical insurance. Efforts are made to achieve a "double enhancement" in the awareness of insurance policies and public satisfaction.

Advancing on-campus promotion. Detailed investigations and assessments have been conducted on a case-by-case basis at universities such as West Anhui University, Lu’an Vocational Technical College, and Anhui Vocational College of Defense Technology. Categorization has been employed to optimize the healthcare and insurance processes, increasing the participation rate of college students. This allows students to enjoy medical insurance benefits both in their university location and their registered residence.

Improving services. Resident medical insurance enrollment and payment centers have been established in various locations, guiding insured individuals to conduct transactions online. People can use mobile phones, the internet, and other channels to self-enroll, make payments, check payment details, and obtain payment receipts, offering them the convenience of "fingertip services." For special groups, active home visits and assistance services are provided.