Lu’an Strengthens Service and Support Capabilities to Ensure that Every Grain Is Safely Stored
Date:2023-11-22 09:11 source:Office of Lu'an Municipal People's Government visits:

Lu’an is steadily increasing its grain production capacity, with a summer crop area of 2.3872 million mu (about 158,480 hectares) and a planned autumn rice harvest area of 6.138 million mu (about 409,200 hectares). It is expected to achieve a total grain production of 3.561 million tons for the year.

Meteorological services for securing harvests. Relying on the provincial integrated agricultural meteorological service platform, Lu’an is ensuring duty and vigilance, closely monitoring weather changes. For weather conditions like continuous rainy days and cold autumn winds that significantly affect the progress of autumn harvest and planting, timely agricultural meteorological disaster risk warnings are issued. The impact is assessed promptly, guiding large-scale grain growers to conduct rapid harvesting and drying. As of now, the city has issued 18 issues of specialized agricultural meteorological reports.

Agricultural machinery services to increase efficiency. Lu’an is enhancing the level of agricultural machinery equipment and nurturing 300 agricultural machinery professional cooperative organizations. It has established 12 new agricultural service centers and actively coordinated with agricultural machinery professional cooperatives, agricultural service centers, large-scale grain growers, and agricultural machinery operators. They conduct unified scheduling for cross-regional agricultural machinery operations, rice planting, harvesting, and agricultural technology promotion. As of now, over 7,400 large and medium-sized combine harvesters and more than 4,000 tractors have been deployed, ensuring a rice harvesting rate of over 99%.

Drying services for people’s peace of mind. The city has cumulatively nurtured 280 drying service providers, with a total of 2,700 drying machines purchased, providing a drying capacity of nearly 40,000 tons. It has formed 45 emergency harvesting service teams with a total of 87 personnel, going deep into the frontlines to fully fulfill the drying needs.