City Profile
Date:2023-02-17 16:00 source:Lu'an Investment Venture Center visits:

Located in the west of Anhui province, the northern foot of Dabie Mountain and the junction of Hubei, Henan and Anhui Province, Lu’an city govern four counties of Huoqiu, Jinzhai, Huoshan and Shucheng and three areas of Jin’an, Yu’an and Yeji, with Lu’an Economic and Technological Development Zone. It covers 15500 square kilometers, with a registered population of 5.9 million.

Pleasant Climate and Fine Ecology.Located in the watershed of the Yangtze river and Huai River, Lu’an is subtropical monsoon humid climate, about 275 days in the year are frost-free and its annual average temperature is 16.7℃-17.9℃. It has been awarded National Garden City, National Forest City, National Water-efficient City, National Health City, China Habitat Environment Prize City, National Forest Tourism Demonstration City and Top 10 Cities of “Charming China Town”.

Long History and Outstanding People out of Nimbus Place.Lu’an is the fiefdom of Gao Yao as one of the four saints and his descendants. In 121 BC, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty gave the name of “Lu’an”, meaning that this place would be peaceful without any rebel forever, and the name of “Lu’an” is still used today. Lu’an is the important birthplaces of Chinese Revolution and the People’s Army, where 300,000 Chinese people sacrificed their lives heroically during revolutionary  war period and emerged 108 founding generals like Hong Xuezhi.

Vast Territory and Abundant Resources.With arable land area of 7.908 million mu, mountain area of over 10 million mu, water surface area in aquaculture of about 4 million mu, agricultural and sideline products of more than 110 kinds, it is the national important commodity grain and oil production base, many famous and special products like Lu’an Guapian Tea, White Goose Down Feather in west Anhui, Huoshan Dendrobium, etc. are well known all over the world.

Accumulated Strength and Huge Potential.Recently, due to rapid economic and social development, Lu’an City has experienced significant improvement of comprehensive competitiveness and external influence. In 2020, the City gathered strength and worked hard to overcome the huge impact brought about by COVID-19, realizing 4.1% increase in GDP on a year-on-year growth. Keeping the general work principle of maintaining the stability and catch-up development of the city, Lu’an Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will lead the whole people to create the new constructive era of happiness Lu’an with the new development concept and high-quality development requirement to further implement the “six-stability” policy In the new historical journey.