Natural environment
Date:2021-07-15 11:16 source:Lu'an Investment Venture Center visits:

Characterized by beautiful sceneries, Lu’an has more than 240 mountain peaks with an elevation over 1000m within the territory, occupying 3/4 of Dabie Mountain Area. The City reaches 45.51% of forest coverage and more than 70% of forest coverage in mountainous area. It has a rate of woody plant cover of 51.27% and 83,600 hectares of wetland area with protection rate of 61.7% and 64,400 hectares of natural reserve.

Tiantangzhai (Heaven Valley), the only primeval forest in East China, has a forest coverage rate up to 95%, and it is a natural oxygen bar with negative oxygen ion content density of 45,000-135,000 per cm3.

Baimajian, the main peak of Dabie Mountain, is 1777 meters above sea level, there are centuries-old trees reaching up towards the sky, fast-moving spring and well-preserved original ecology.

The six reservoirs of Fuziling, Meishan, Longhekou, Xianghongdian, Mozitan and Bailianya are inlaid in Dabie Mountain like six brilliant pearls and has accumulated more than 7 billion m3 of quality water above Class II.

Pishihang Irrigation District, one of the seven artificial irrigated areas in the world, diverts quality water in Dabie Mountain Area into West Anhui and irrigates downstream 11 million mu of fertile land. Besides, it is also the main drinking water source of Hefei, Huainan and Lu’an cities.