Resources and products
Date:2021-07-15 11:13 source:Lu'an Investment Venture Center visits:

Agricultural product resources: it has spared no effort to make a production and processing supply base for green agricultural products in Yangtze River Delta. In 2020, the output which contained crayfish, tea leaf, silkworm cocoon, fruit, aquatic products, grain and vegetables ranking among the best, and the total value of agricultural output ranking the fourth in AnHui province.

Chinese medicinal material resources: in the whole city, there are 1866 kinds of Chinese medicinal materials of which total reserves of more than 200 million kilos, planting area of 280 thousand mu and about 20 million kilos of output. It has 48 national geographical indication brands, ranking the first in the whole province and 13 national geographical indication protection products, ranking the second in the whole province. We own Six kinds of medicines(Huoshan Dendrobium, Lucid Ganoderma, clinopodium polycephalum, Poria cocos, polygonatum kingianum and Gastrodia elata) , which occupies 60% of Anhui traditional Chinese medicines, the proportion ranks the first place in the whole province. Huoshan Dendrobium is recorded in Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2020 Edition) and has won “China’s top 100 regional public brands of agricultural products”, with a brand value of RMB 6.154 billion.

Mineral resources: the City has more than 40 kinds of metal minerals and non-metal ores, among which explored reserve and future reserve of Huoqiu iron ore are respectively more than 2 billion tons and 3 billion tons, ranking the first in East China and the fifth in China; Jinzhai has more than 2.2 million tons of explored reserve of molybdenum ore of which potential mining value reaches RMB 1 trillion; Lu’an has unlimited business opportunities by virtue of its excellent jade quality.  

Water resources: Lu’an has 6 main rivers including Pi River, Shi River, Hangbu River etc. and many large-scale reservoirs and lakes, with a total surface water of 8.366 billion cubic meters, abundant water resources and excellent overall water quality.

Energy Resources: the City has a total reserve of 5340 thousand KW of water energy resources. Huadian Power Plant in Lu’an generates nearly 7 billion KWH of electricity. There are 3 substations in 500 kV, 15 substations in 220 kV, 44 substations in110 kV and 127 substations in 35 kV in the city.

Human resources: the City has more than 2.66 million of rural labor forces, including more than 1.45 million of rural labor forces who go out year in year out. There are 4 regular institutions of higher learning with nearly 50 thousand students on campus and 29 secondary vocational education schools with nearly 70 thousand students on campus. There are 62 universities, 113 technical schools and 680 research institutions within the surrounding 50-kilometer radius.