Technological environment
Date:2021-07-15 11:30 source:Lu'an Investment Venture Center visits:

Lu’an is rated as National County and City with Advance of Science and Technology and has 99 provincial and municipal enterprises with intellectual property advantages, 27 technological innovation centers, 7 national “star creation world”, 2 provincial academician workstations and 5 high-tech business incubators. In 2020, 113 of 250 hi-tech enterprises passed certification and invented 2312 valid patents.

With a total planning area of 730 mu, Lu’an University Science Park has established 156,000 square meters of physical space and attracted 59 enterprises to settle in. It has successively approved as “provincial maker space”, “Youth Venture Park in Anhui Province”, “Start-up Base for small and micro enterprises in Anhui Province” and “Provincial Science and Technology Business Incubator”. It has developed corporation with institutions of higher learning, scientific research organizations, enterprises and associations, settled Lu’an External Talent Association, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Space for Overseas Talents Returning to Lu’an, Anhui Tomorrow Hydrogen Energy Academician Workstation and other platforms in the park and established cooperation relationship with Anhui Institute of Innovation for Industrial Technology.