Business environment
Date:2021-07-15 11:30 source:Lu'an Investment Venture Center visits:

Enterprises have opened “one-day handling” and free whole course. Real estate registration can be handled in half a day through 1 link and 2 materials and application period of engineering construction project is shortened within 82 business days, among which industrial project period of social investment is shortened within 30 business days and low-risk small project period is shortened within 16 business days. “one network can handle all administrative matters”, “all administrative matters can be handled through network”, and “one-door service” will be realized among city and county level and 24-hour administrative service area will be set up at pilot areas to realize handling administrative matters at any time without closing. In 2020, it ranked the first place in assessment of “giving new development concept, giving supporting policy, giving innovative projects, giving production elements and serving real economy”. There were 26 financial institutions and 23 financing guarantee institutions in bank industry in the whole city. Since 2020, the municipal government signed cooperation agreement with 3 banks and regularly held cooperation activities of banks, governments, bonding companies and enterprises. The government also set up refinancing bridge loan and promoted “4321” risk sharing mechanism of governments, banks and guarantee companies, “Tax Financing”, equity investment, supports the listing of enterprises to help enterprises finance.