Industry base
Date:2021-07-15 11:29 source:Lu'an Investment Venture Center visits:

Lu’an is accelerating the industry development of equipment manufacturing, electronic information, new material, energy and new energy, green food and biomedicines, cultural tourism and health care, home manufacturing etc.

Equipment manufacturing: it has gathered pure electric vehicles and fuel battery industry enterprises led by Evergrande new energy, Mingtian Hydrogen Energy, Yadi Electric Vehicle etc. and important parts and components supporting enterprises such as Xingrui Gear, Jianghuai Yongda, Chang’an Special Car etc., we also possess 2 national modified car production enterprises with catalogues. It has leading enterprises such as Yingliu Aviation, Yunyi Aviation, Liusu Airplane, Bowei Chang’an etc. with products covering aero-engine, avionic device, aerial hydraulic parts, aircraft avionics system, low-altitude radar, aeronautical material and other key equipment and parts and components, having formed complete machine production capacity in various types, such as light duty, medium duty and heavy duty.

Electronic information: the City has more than 100 electronic information enterprises. Famous enterprises in the industry have successively settled in, such as China Electronics Technology Group Corporation,Amer International Group, O-film, Yingli Electronics, Chunxing Precision Mechanical, Victory Precision, TDG Electronics etc. AMOLED flexible display touch module and 5G intelligent terminal R&D manufacturing base project of O-film with a total investment of RMB 13.5 billion will drive about 30 upstream and downstream supporting enterprises after its establishment and realize more than RMB 24 billion of annual sales revenue.

New materials: focusing on resource development and deep processing of Huoqiu iron ore, the City has attracted global Top 500 enterprises such as China Minmetals Corporation, China Baowu Steel Group etc. and China top 500 enterprises such as Nanjing Iron and Steel Group, Jinding Steel Group, Hangzhou Iron & Steel Group etc. to settle in and Lu’an Steel Group realized output of RMB 11.4 billion in 2020. Meanwhile, it has a batch of leading enterprises such as Zhongcai Pipeline, Jinggong Steel Building Co., Jinhongnuo Technology, Guansheng Blue Glass, Wonderful-wall Color Coating Aluminium Co., etc.

Energy and new energy: recently, energy and new energy industries have developed rapidly in the city such as photovoltaic, pumped storage, wind power, biomass power generation etc. As of the end of 2020, installed power generation capacity of non-fossil energy had accounted for 68.6%, ranking the forefront of the whole province. A batch of projects had settled in, such as Xinyi Solar, West China Group, Dongxu Kangtu, Jinzhai pumped storage power station etc.

Green food and biomedicines: currently, there are 3 national and 78 provincial leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization and a batch of backbone enterprises such as Yingjia Wine Industry, China Resources Beer, China Resources C’estbon Water, Tiandi Jinghua, Xiaxing Food, PFI Foods, Longxiang Meishiwang, Xishang Food etc. More than dozens of enterprises engaged in traditional Chinese medicine preparations, prepared drugs in pieces, medical plant extraction and deep processing of Chinese medicinal materials produce more than 50 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine preparations and enterprises such as Sinopharm Group, Huiyinbi, Jiuxianzun Dendrobium, Kano, Qiaokang Pharmaceutical etc.

Cultural tourism& health care: there are 26 4A scenic spots and above in the city, including 2 5A scenic spots (Tiantangzhai Scenic Spot and Wanfo Lake Scenic Spot). After epidemic situation gradually became stable in the second half of 2020 in the whole country, it totally received 36.8 million visitors in several months and realized a total tourism income of RMB 29 billion.

Home manufacturing: located in Yeji District, furniture industrial park in central China has become a modern furniture industrial base where Zhongzhixin, Kefan-made, Liren Woodworking, Dongdun Wood Industry, Senmery Furniture and other enterprises have settled in, mainly involving custom furniture, high-quality wood door, indoor decoration, furniture plate and other products.