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Date:2021-07-15 11:29 source:Lu'an Investment Venture Center visits:

The City has 8 development zones above provincial level of which floor area of 223.3 square meters and built-up area of 79.6 square meters. A total of more than 12300 enterprises have entered the area, including 668 industrial enterprises above state-designated scale. 

National Lu’an Economic and Technological Development Zone: with a control area of 90 square kilometers and built-up area of about 30 square kilometers, the zone has more than 2600 enterprises, including 521 industrial enterprises, 131 industrial enterprises above the state-designated scale, 52 enterprises with output value of more than one hundred million yuan, 5 enterprises with output value of more than 1 billion yuan, 51 hi-tech enterprises and 59 strategic emerging enterprises. It has formed a “1+3+1” industry system integrating high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, food, medicine and health, urban fashion and modern service industry and made efforts to create a “131+X” modern industry system supplemented by emerging industries such as new energy vehicles, intelligent household appliances, consumer-oriented electronic terminals etc.

Jin’an Economic Development Zone: with a overall planned control area of 60.5 square kilometers, the zone has vigorously developed advanced equipment manufacturing, machined basic parts, electronic information, hydrogen energy, new energy automotive parts and components, light textile clothes, deep processing of agricultural products, modern logistics and other leading industries and has established a batch of star enterprises such as Yingliu Group ,Tomorrow hydrogen energy, Leader-tech, Zhonghang Kedian, Jianghuai Motor, Cool Baby, Xiang’an Thermal Energy, Jietongda etc. to make efforts to create Aviation Industrial Park, Electronic Information Industrial Park, Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park, New Energy Automotive Part and Component Industrial Park, Textile Industrial Park and Science and Technology Innovation Industrial Park. At present, more than 400 enterprises have entered the zone, including 88 industrial enterprises above the state-designated scale and 26 hi-tech enterprises.

Lu’an Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone: with a planned area of 60 square kilometers and built-up area of about 20 square kilometers, it has attracted more than 400 enterprises to settle in, including 50 enterprise above the state-designated scale and more than 60 enterprises with over one hundred million yuan. Characterized by the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industry, it emphasizes four leading industries, such as energy saving and environmental protection, high-end intelligent manufacturing and automotive parts and components, electronic information and big data, new materials and medical equipment. At present, it has established 33 hi-tech enterprises, 1 provincial scientific and technological incubator, 1 provincial maker space, 1 provincial engineering technology center, 1 provincial technological innovation center, 3 municipal technological innovation center and 1 national “star creation world”.

Focusing on the dominant industries and advantageous resources, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have focused on building a green platform of "One Center and One Corridor", "One Valley and One Belt" and "One Ridge and One Treasury".

One center: namely city center which has a planned area of 120 square kilometers and is used to develop infrastructure supporting, information service, headquarter economy, fashion& leisure and other industries.

One corridor: namely Hefei-Lu’an Economic Corridor which has a planned area of about 11600 square kilometers, along which there are 3 national development zones and 9 provincial development zones and makes efforts to create more than 10 strategic emerging industry clusters. In 2020, there were 723 industrial enterprises above the state-designated scale.

One Valley: namely Lu’an Tea Valley which has a planned area of about 6100 square kilometers and a brand value of RMB 52.247 billion yuan. It takes tea as the medium to be the green ecological valley, featured industrial valley, tourism health-keeping valley, scientific and technological culture valley, poverty alleviation and enriching-people valley and create a comprehensive output of the primary industry, the second industry and the tertiary industry reaches RMB 12.2 billion.

One belt: namely Pi River-Huai River Economic Belt which has a planned area of 2995 square  kilometers and 342 kilometers of main line. It has been used to develop ecological agriculture, ecological breeding, sightseeing agriculture, leisure tourism, health tourism and other industries and has obtained obvious benefits from iIntegrated cultivation of rice and crayfish, landes geese, vegetable planting etc.

One Ridge: namely Jianghuai Fruit Ridge which has a total planned area of about 4600 square kilometers and is used to develop the industry of planting forest fruits. At present, the fruit industry covers an area of 314,600 mu and achieves a comprehensive output of RMB 5 billion.

One Treasury: namely West Mountain Drug Treasury of which medical material planting area reaches 149,000 mu of which the output reaches 201,700 tons. It has promoted integrative development for planting, storage, processing, R&D and sales of featured Chinese medical materials and achieved integrated output of RMB 10.66 billion.